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School Supplies

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If you’re looking to make a difference in education, consider donating to the Graves Community Foundation (GCF) for the benefit of Graves Elementary School, a Title I School. GCF is actively seeking contributions of school supplies or funding to create prepackaged school supply kits for the students. Your generosity can have a profound impact on their educational journey. Here’s how you can donate to GCF:


1. School Supply Donations: Consider donating essential school supplies directly to GCF for the prepackaged kits. Items like notebooks, pencils, pens, backpacks, and art supplies are greatly appreciated. Your donated supplies will be thoughtfully organized into kits and distributed to the students at Graves Elementary School.


2. Financial Contributions: If you prefer to provide financial support, you can make a monetary donation to GCF. These funds will be used to purchase the necessary supplies and assemble the prepackaged school supply kits for the students. Your contribution will directly contribute to equipping the students with the tools they need for a successful academic year.


3. Spread the Word: Help raise awareness about GCF’s donation drive by sharing the initiative with your friends, family, and community. Utilize social media, local community groups, and personal networks to spread the message. By spreading the word, you can encourage others to join in supporting Graves Elementary School through GCF.


4. Volunteer Your Time: In addition to donations, consider volunteering your time to assist GCF in organizing and preparing the school supply kits. Your hands-on involvement will make a direct impact on the students’ lives and support the smooth operation of the donation drive.


By donating to GCF, you are investing in the education and future of the students at Graves Elementary School. Whether you choose to donate school supplies, contribute financially, spread awareness, or volunteer your time, your support will help provide a positive learning experience for these students. Join GCF in their mission to empower education and create brighter opportunities for Graves Elementary School students.